Wolfgang Kortzfleisch Hoss

"Und dann beginnen wir mit dem Meteor-Blitzkrieg und fegen alle diese Untermenschen von der Erdkarte."
―Wolfgang Kortzfleisch[src]

Wolfgang Kortzfleisch was the Führer and Chancellor of the Fourth Reich on the Dark Side of the Moon. He was in charge of Schwarze Sonne base. He was in power for as long as most of the inhabitants can remember - he was one of the very few still alive who had been born on Earth.

Personality Edit

Kortzfleisch appears very restrained and self-possessed. He only seems to care about his will being fulfilled, and can get rather high tempered if something goes wrong. He has an addiction for chocolate, as he is seen eating it in various parts of the movie. When his generals arrive at his room to tell him that the Nazi invasion force is ready, dozens of emptied chocolate wrappings can be seen on his table. He also appears to have a sadistic nature and seems rather joyful when the Meteorblitzkrieg is about to begin. He's also very irritated whenever Klaus Adler salutes Hitler instead of him.

Death Edit

After arriving to Earth for the invasion, Kortzfleisch was shot several times with a machine gun by Vivian Wagner. He later crawls to the roof to try and stop Klaus Adler from overthrowing him. Klaus punches him on the forehead and he falls to the ground, unconscious, and is believed to be dead afterwards.

As seen in the Teaser Trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race, Kortzfleisch somehow averted death during his confrontation with Klaus Adler, and arrives at the Moon Base 30 years later to meet with the surviving humans. Due to the movie's theme being shapeshifting lizard-people inside the hollow earth, Kortzfleisch might be one himself, which would explain how he survived.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Wolfgang Kortzfleisch is played by Udo Kier in Iron Sky. In the movie, he wears the uniform of the Reichsführer-SS.
  • Joachim Kortzfleisch was a real Wehrmacht general in WWII, who refused to join in the attempted assassination of Hitler while referring to Hitler oath. Joachim Kortzfleisch was, however, killed by the US troops during the war after he refused to put down the machine pistol..