The Walkyr

The Walkyr was the ultimate expression of Heinz Guderian's blitzkrieg doctrine, with a combination of air power and ground power placed into one vehicle. It was designed by the scientists of the Fourth Reich in the early 1980s and was to be the leading element in the new MondPanzertruppen, responsible for the execution of the planned retaliatory Meteorblitzkrieg, aimed at the United States.

Designed to be both as an air superiority fighter, and a ground attack gunship, it performed well in the initial air attack on the US. While based on older technology like radio tubes, it was still able to take on America's latest generation of warplanes like the F-22 Raptor and A-10 Thunderbolt II.The structure of the plane also incorporate heat shield to survive orbital entry. The principal weapon of the plane are gun turrets that can be redirected in limited angle with weapon guidance system sufficient to follow and shoot supersonic target. The engine, while capable to provide hovering mode and navigation in space, is not designed to propel the ship as agile as modern fighter.


  • Crew: 5, pilot, commander, loader, gunner, and radio operator.
  • Armament:
    • Main: 1 lunar pattern 150mm railgun “Wolfgang”, 150mm HE Rockets.
    • Secondary: 2 x 50mm auto cannons.