The United States of America is a country in North America. It has 50 states and borders Canada and Mexico.

Iron SkyEdit

In the Iron Sky universe. The US launches a new Apollo space program to the dark side of the moon, at first the mission goes well, but then it gets ambushed by the Nazis hidden there (which they didn't know at the time). Meanwhile, at the United World Confederacy, The President of the United States asks the other country representatives what happened on the Moon. But no one seems to know that. Meanwhile Nazi commander Klaus Adler lands on Earth to gather more of the electronic computers, so that he can use it to power the Götterdämmerung. He captures Vivian Wagner and uses her to enter the White House where he and Renate Richter tell them the "new world order" which is used by the president to get re-elected. Three months later Wolfgang Kortzfleisch comes to Earth and tells Adler that he has started the invasion of Earth, but then Wagner emerges and shoots Kortzfleisch along with his guards. Adler then goes to Kortzfleisch's spacecraft and orders the pilots to take off, only to see a bloody Kortzfleisch coming out. Adler declares himself Führer, kills Kurtzfleisch, and leads the invasion himself. The US and other countries of the world then get attacked by the Moon Nazis. The US president sends out the US Air Force to deal with the Nazi threat. Then they send out the USS George W Bush and some of the other nation's spaceships to destroy the remains of the Nazi invasion. After that they head to the Moon to destroy the Nazi Moon base. But then Adler launches the Götterdämmerung and uses it to create a "new horizon" on the Moon. Luckily Renate stops Adler before he can fire and Washington unplugs the computer, which causes the Götterdämmerung to crash. Back on Earth the US president congratulates Winger for her successes, Winger then tells the US president that they found Helium-3 facilities( witch could power the country for a 1000 years). The US president is happy about that and tells everyone of the discovery, unfortunately, she decides not to share it with the other countries causing a fight in the hall. Meanwhile, on the Moon the spaceships begin to fire at each other trying their best to defend the Helium-3 facilities.