Stephanie Paul

The President of the United States of America

The unnamed President of the United States was one of the world leaders during the Fourth Reich's invasion of Earth in 2018. Prior to the invasion, she was wholly concerned with her upcoming reelection and little else. She is never seen too far away from her Secretary of Defense, from whom she takes much of her advice.

Guided by her campaign manager, Vivian Wagner, she launched the Liberty mission to the Moon, a massive publicity stunt featuring African American male model James Washington, which they called "Black To The Moon". When the mission failed due, unknown to Earth, to the intervention of the Nazis, she placed the blame on Wagner and began looking for another way to boost her ratings.

Wagner would soon thereafter produce the recently arrived Klaus Adler and Renate Richter as a means of improving the President's image with Nazi-inspired language and cinematography. While her polls seems to improve, she was not confident in her reelection prospects until the Fourth Reich launched its invasion, reflected by her belief that presidents who start a war in the first term always get reelected.

The President and the Secretary of Defense take charge at the United World Confederacy in New York City during the invasion, unveiling the USS George W. Bush as a means to counter the Nazi invasion fleet. After the defeat of the Fourth Reich and the discovery of their vast Helium 3 stockpile, the President, at the urging of the Secretary of Defense, attempts to the seize it solely for the United States. A violent physical altercation breaks out between the two Americans and the other assembled delegates, with her ultimate fate unclear.

Behind the scenesEdit

The unnamed President of the United States was played by Stephanie Paul.

The portrayal of the American President in the film is a parody of Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009 and the Republican Vice Presidential candidate in 2008.

While never explicitly stated in the film, it is believed that the president is a Republican, a likelihood reinforced by the use of the Palin parody.

Unless there has been an alteration to how and when a president is elected, this President would have been elected to office in 2016 and, thus, is preoccupied with her reelection in 2020. No mention is made of her immediate predecessor, who would have been Barack Obama, but his predecessor is mentioned as the name of a spacecraft.