This article is about the Nazi fort on the Moon. You may be looking for the ocult symbol of the same name.

Schwarze Sonne (Ger. "Black Sun") is the fortress of the Fourth Reich on the Moon. The construction of it begun in 1945, as soon as the first inhabitants landed on the Moon. Schwarze Sonne is located on the far side of the Moon, at Schrödinger's Crater.Its principal construction basically is a very large spaceport (the core) surrounded (and supported) by supports structure (the swastika's line). The space port is quite advanced as ships can enter and exit the structure without any waive or waiting list on airlock. This can be explained as an automated and somewhat very large capacity airlock in which large quantity ships can exit the structure in short time. No force field or integrated defensive capability is seen in the structure.

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It was heavily damaged by the Earth fleet during the Moon battle.

Note: Even though it is named The Black Sun, the fortress is in the shape of the common Nazi symbol, the Swastika.