Official PrequelEdit

Iron Sky developed a Iron Sky prequel comic book . Release date is expected during 2011 in digital format but also as a hard copy collectable. Illustrator of the project is Gerry Kissel who has been working with projects like A-Team and Army of Two. All three episodes will be written by Mikko Rautalahti who is the guy behind the script of Alan Wake X box 360 game.

Bad Moon Rising – Iron Sky Comic #1Edit

The first issue, titled Bad Moon Rising, tells the story of how the Nazis fled the Earth. The coming issues will explore the decades after the WWII, the building of the Moon Station Schwarze Sonne, and the rise of Wolfgang Kortzfleisch (played by Udo Kier in the film) to the Führer of the Moon base.



Unofficial PrequelEdit

The "Schwarze Sonne Chronicles" (SSC) is an unofficial support project of the german radio show “Grenzerfahrungen” . We pursue for a long time with great interest and even greater astonishment the making of the future science fiction-classic Iron Sky. The story of this movie inspired us getting creative. Very fast we decided to develop our own prequel. Since then it was easy to gather tons of material. Despite all efforts to research historical facts one thing was important from the first moment: don’t take ourselves too seriously. We hope you have also a lot of fun reading the stuff as we had writing it. And don’t forget if you look next time towards the moon – the guys up there on the dark side are already very busy...

SSC 1-8.1

Part oft the original Schwarze Sonne Chronicles"