Klaus Adler

Klaus Adler

"One word from me, and the invasion from the Moon begins."
―Klaus Adler[src]

Klaus Adler was a high ranking SS-General on the Moon. He later became the third  Führer of the Fourth Reich on the Moon.

Personality Edit

Klaus is a very ruthless and determined person who is willing to do anything to get his goals realized, whether by killing a person or toying around with people's feelings. He has a sadistic nature and seemingly has qualities of a psychopath as he laughs maniacally after firing the Götterdämmerung towards the Moon's surface.

Death Edit

Klaus Adler's fight with Renate on the Götterdämmerung ended with him dying due to her stabbing him in the head with a high-heeled shoe. Klaus' body was most likely disintegrated when the Götterdämmerung crash landed on the Moon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Klaus Adler is played by Götz Otto.