Iron Sky: Invasion

Iron Sky: Invasion” is an upcoming official video game adaptation and expansion of the movie, developed by Reality Pump Studios, to be published by TopWare Interactive.


An in-game battle between the Nazi fleet and the forces of the United Nations.


Set in the universe of “Iron Sky” and expanding upon its foundations, “Iron Sky: Invasion” is a space fighter simulator, enhanced with strategic and RPG elements. The core of the gameplay is based on ship-to-ship dogfights, combined with assaults on giant spaceships (such as the Siegfried-Class Zeppelins), as well as tactical thinking and resource management.

The game was first announced on August 19, 2012, by TopWare Interactive, during the Gamescom video game trade fair in Cologne, Germany.[1]


The game is set in outer space, where the players must defend the Earth from the invasion of the Moon Nazis. The players control spaceships to freely roam the space and attack Nazi vessels; various weapons and equipment are at their disposal, from laser cannons and missiles to handy drones and satellites which can be launched from certain ships. The vessels are also equipped with military countermeasures, to protect them from enemy fire.

The players can access a tactical map of outer space to spot the positions of Nazi forces or any ongoing battles, and thus instantly know where to fly. The ultimate goal is to destroy the secret Nazi base hidden on the Dark Side of the Moon, and to keep the Earth safe from the invading spacecraft.


The players can dock at an allied space station to recharge weapons, purchase upgrades or even switch ships. Almost all spaceships that appear in the film can be controlled in game, including the South-Korean scout ship “Zerg”, the Australian bomber “Dundee”, or the UK fighter “Spitfire”.


Australian Dundee bombers face off against the Nazi fleet.

The ships’ sub-systems can be further upgraded in the hangar: for example, upgrading the offensive systems will increase the number of weapons and boost their power, while an engine upgrade will improve the ship’s speed and range of interception. Upgrades require special resources, which can be scavenged from destroyed enemy units or found in outer space.



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