A Flying saucer is a round ship which People thought are alien Spaceships. Sometime on the 1900's,a Flying Saucer Crashed on The American State Rosewell, the Flying Saucer Was later Revealed to be just a Flying Pancake Plane, Many People call Flying Saucers "UFO" short for undentified Flying Object as people see it. Most of the time people are thinking that the UFOS are used by other beings from other worlds. No one knows if they exist. The Only Clue is in the Moon Landing on 1969 American Astrounaut Neil Armstrong saw something round flew of a crater on the moon, as If Space Nazis Were Real. Another theory suggest that the Nazis used this UFOS and moved to the United States. After the End of World War 2, the Allies found a Secret Project known as "The Bell" which is believed to be a UFO prototype.

In Iron SkyEdit

They're Currently used as Fighters on space.The Space Nazis use Siegfried Warships to carry this. The known Nazi UFOS are:

  • Walkyr
  • Rheinhold
  • Haunebu III
  • Haunebu IV

The Walkyr


The Haunebu IV


A Nazi Motorcyclist and a Haunebu III behind him


The Rheingold