Dundee 01 was a weaponised
spacecraft used by Australia during the battle against the invading Nazis. There are a total of three Australian ships in the movie, with the same design, although it is not known if they are all known as Dundee 01 to 03.

Dundee 01, as with the other ships in it's class, was armed with "Kinetic Missile Launchers".

Dundee 01 and her sister ships were shaped simillarly to the American Apollo modules, and had at least two solar arrays. The Australian flag is painted on the nosecone.

The image shown is merely one of the three identical Australian ships in the movie, and it is not clear if it really is Dundee 01.

They were seen firing their missles at Nazi forces and were last seen Firing the Missles at the G W Bush

It is unknown if any of the Bombers Survived the Battle over the moon