Canadarm3 is a weaponized Heavy Bomber used by Canada during the battle against the invading Nazi forces. It's name is based on the Canadarm, a Canadian-developed robotic arm used on NASA's Orbiter spacecraft.

It's main weapon is a Revolver cannon and missiles which were seen firing at Nazi forces over the moon

Canadarm3 was later involved in the battle between the world powers over the Helium-3 stockpiles on the moon. It was last seen flying behind Mir as the USS George W. Bush attacked the Mir.

It is unknown if the Canadarm Survived the Battle over the moon

Also of note are the eponymous Canadarms, which can be seen on the long structures protruding from the main body.

As the Fleet emerged suddenly to the surprise of the U.S president the Canadarm was among them and was incharged by a female captain with a normal tone

Quotes: "Hang in there W, Canadarm Joining the battle"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Introduced only as "Canadarm", the "Canadarm3" as seen on the side of the hull references the historical Canadarm of the orbital spaceshuttles' cargo bay, and Canadarm2 of the ISS made by MDA of Vancouver BC.
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